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Why Associated Mailing and Printing?

While we began as a printing and mailing company today we offer our clients much, much more. Associated Mailing & Printing is more of a marketing and communications provider and clients rely on our expertise to provide marketing solutions that achieve results. Why Associated Mailing and Printing… read on!

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Today’s world of digital marketing allows us to integrate our 20 years of printing experience with modern, multi-channel strategies that deliver significant value and enormous results.

  • If your sales department is looking for more leads…
  • If your non-profit organization is seeking greater donations…
  • If your executive team is challenging your department for revenue growth…

The team at AMPS strives to be the partner that delivers measurable and immediate results.

Regardless if you are a marketing professional, a advertising agency, a small business owner, or the director of a marketing department Associated Mailing & Printing might be the ideal choice for helping you achieve your next campaign’s objectives.

Printing Services

Ask us For a SampleWe’ll be Happy To Show You!

Why Associated Mailing & Printing? While we began as a printing and mailing company today we offer our clients much, much more.After putting so much time and creative juices into your print project why trust a part-time high school kid at an office supply chain to produce it? The best message and creative layout will usually fail to produce the desired result when it is poorly printed.

Over the years we have adapted to new printing technologies that provide variable-data printing, reduced production times, and better economies. We are always looking for advancements in paper, and more efficient tools and processes.  One of the big topics in marketing trade magazines is the effectiveness of personalizing pieces with variable data and images. However, there can be a tremendous “negative” impact when it is not done correctly. Have you ever received a “personalized” letter that just has a first initial or your first and last name together in the salutation? Did you take the company seriously once you saw that? There is an art to making sure that the data and images flow within a piece and we have been perfecting our processes for 15 years to make sure your personalized pieces have the most impact.

All of this helps the final output look its best in the shortest amount of time… and on budget. And that means a great first impression by the intended audience receiving it and an increased return on investment.

Some of the common pieces we are asked to produce include:

Business Collateral is a specialty.

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Catalogs
  • Postcards
  • Booklets
  • Self-Mailers
  • Pocket Folders
  • Envelopes
  • Inserts
  • Price Lists
  • Data, product, and sell sheets

You can comfortably rely on our 20 years of printing knowledge combined with our digital and offset printing capabilities to ensure that every project will meet your objectives.

Direct Mail Still DeliversDirect Mail Services

The best marketing plans are diverse, and take advantage of different marketing tactics.

When executed properly direct mail has been shown to continue to provide enhanced brand awareness, acquire new customers, drive purchasing responses, or promote a special event.

Every project is reviewed by an experienced member of our direct mail team to make sure your postcard meets postal service regulations. We also help insure your mailing list is formatted properly and that your mailing adheres to direct mail best practices.

Does your campaign need a mailing list? The data necessary for an effective direct mail campaign is the most crucial component, and an area where AMPS truly excels. We take large amounts of information and turn it into something useful. From mining data sources to helping you analyze an existing database we can help your campaign deliver the result you require.

Changes in the USPS services are ongoing. Are you certain the envelopes are on the newest approved list? Is EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) appropriate for your business… and will you really save money using this service? We can help you determine the most effective direct mail approach.

And although we leverage both print and digital marketing worlds (and tactics) to help our customers extend the reach of their marketing we continue to see efficacy with our approach to direct mail. As the infographic to the right illustrates the proper use of direct mail can be vital to connecting with a target audience and equally important to maintaining a high level of engagement with an existing one.

Why Associated Mailing & Printing? Because we can offer so much more than any traditional or online print marketing provider.