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Does your marketing include the use of PURL’s?

Direct Marketing Word CloudDoes your marketing include the use of PURL’s? A PURL is a personalized URL (web address) that is customized to the intended recipient.

Today, your prospects are bombarded with so many marketing messages, only the most meaningful will actually get any attention. With the adaptation of PURLS in your marketing campaign you can deliver a relevant message to each and every one of your prospects or customers. The personalization and customization of your campaign is nearly unlimited. And this personalized, relevant content helps your message stand out from all the other clutter.

And because the PURL contains your prospect’s own name, you know will get noticed.

Here is an example: suppose you are sending an offer in the mail to Patty Prospect. You may include a PURL on it to allow them to jump to a landing page where the web address is www.yourwebsite.com/PattyProspect. When Patty visits this address, she will be directed to a personalized landing page that’s related to the direct mail marketing piece you sent to her.

Why are PURLs beneficial?

PURLs provide you with a back-end structure that allows you to easily track the performance of your direct mail campaign. You can see down to which recipients took action by visiting the landing page and what they did when they arrived on page.

Better Response Rates
What does a typical direct mail campaign achieve? One percent to three percent response rates are rather common on a large scale mailing. But when you incorporate personalized URLs in your direct marketing your response rates will exceed anything you have previously experienced.

Plus you can see your results in real time!

Keep It Personal
PURLs allow you to create targeted landing pages based that are personalized to each recipient based on known interests, demographics, or past behaviors. The more personalized your marketing, the more effective it will be. Personalized URLs provide a one-to-one dialogue between you and your prospect that is unique in marketing.

Across Different Channels
PURLs give you the best of both worlds. Your audience gets a tangible piece of direct mail marketing along with a landing page they can easily, instantly access. And with the growth in mobile this will continue to grow in importance.

You personalize your direct mail…
You personalize your email…

But in the end you still send them all to the same old home page.

But when you combine the personalization advantages of variable data printing and the speed and ease of the web you have the ability to seamlessly integrate your direct mail, email and web marketing.

Cut Your Spend
Finally, there’s no need to constantly print large direct mail campaigns. PURL’s allow you to scale your printing back -often to as small as a postcard – and send your prospects to their own, personalized web pages for additional information. Because the PURL contains your prospect’s own name, it is sure to get noticed!


“Once you start exploring the possibilities with PURLs, which can be personalized to any degree that your budget can bear, you’ll come to see them as an invaluable tool.”– Target Marketing magazine


The Next Step

Invite one of our direct marketing consultants to meet with you. We can help you explore how incorporating a PURLs test into your next marketing campaign can provide a measurable difference on your marketing performance.