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Associated Mailing & Printing is different

Associated Mailing & Printing is different than other companies because our culture is one of poised professionalism. Mission critical processes are implemented to ensure what you perceive your project to be becomes a reality. Here are the tenants in our company culture that set us apart!

For a deeper understanding of each of these points, please click on the link provided and we’ll share some insights with you from our customer’s perspective.

Associated Mailing & Printing is Different Because of Our Process

Rather than tell you what we think, we ask a lot of questions to make sure we understand your objectives. It does no one any good to produce something that doesn’t match expectations.

Questions tell both sides what to expect, and what not to. If we can’t understand you, or vice versa, it’s time for a deeper discussion prior to production, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Education is a wonderful thing, and we want to learn as much about your company and objectives as possible to meet or exceed your expectations. Alternatively, if you are uncertain of anything in our discussions, please speak up. We want to know what is in your mind’s eye before color match is finalized.

Associated Mailing understand partnerships

Suggestions about how your project may perform better than expected are a natural part of our process. Of course, the customer always has the final say, so you always maintain control.

Honesty is the best policy, and we’ll tell you the truth, even if it might pinch a bit. We’d rather you face the facts before the project is underway so that you know the expected outcomes.

Creativity takes time, so please be patient. Our intent is to exceed your expectations and treat your budget gently. Our motto: “Impossible simply takes a bit longer.”

Value is a perceived notion. What inexpensive is for some; quality and exceeded expectations are for others. It’s not about price for us; we take extreme pride in our work, regardless if it were a 500 piece order or a full color magazine. You will always receive far more than what you pay.

Expertise comes in many forms, and personalization with variable data and image insertions is our specialty. No one likes to receive an incorrect surname or salutation when it is supposed to be a custom, personalized mailing insert.

Fairness and Integrity are two of the most important words in our vocabulary. We commit to our business partners, and strive to always be above board and observe the Golden Rule.