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Cross Channel Marketing

By definition, Cross Channel Marketing is the “Use of a single marketing channel (such as direct mail or internet) to support or promote another channel (such as retailing)…”

Cross-channel marketing is the strategic delivery of a single, consistent campaign message across different channels. For example, an e-mail campaign is pretty familiar to just about everyone. But imagine what can happen when that e-mail message is also coordinated with a compelling direct-mail piece, and reinforced with telemarketing and perhaps mobile-marketing messages!

Cross Channel Marketing can streamline analysis tracking. It also alleviates the problem of  disconnected messages that can result in anger and frustration among customers and prospects.


Example: If you are a college, you will have alumni targets such as young alumni (graduated in last 10-15 years) and older alumni who you need to keep happy so they donate to your school. At the same time, an undergraduate college also needs to maintain a continuing strong flow of high school students applying to their school. They should have a persona for the graduating high school student to get them to want to apply and another one for the parents of the graduating high school student to make sure their kids complete the application. You also want to keep students coming back to your school to finish their degree and perhaps get advanced degrees at your school. Marketing where your target markets can be found and on your website to your distinct buyer personas can go a long way. Developing a cross-channel campaign to accomplish this can make a huge impact. I was real happy to see my employer is going full speed ahead in cross-channel marketing to help companies accomplish their goals.


For your marketing to be effective it has to reach the right audience at the right time. Communicating over one channel makes this a costly and lengthy endeavor. But a well designed cross channel marketing campaign significantly shortens the time factor.