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Color Match Reality with Perception

Color Match Reality with Perception

Color Match Reality with Perception; Every supplier partner will inevitably get the question why should we do business with your company…

I was pondering this about my company’s long experience working with Associated Mailing & Printing. Even though we are a marketing agency and do most of our print design work in-house, my team and I have come to depend on AMPS as a validation process and a second set of eyes. We have become better in our craft through the relationships we have developed with AMPS talented team of designers and printing and mailing experts, who are always willing to share their expertise to help us improve.

Here are some of the things we have found beneficial:

They make suggestions: AMPS has learned that there is a risk to making suggestions because of client’s egos, sometimes making a proposal more complicated that it turns off a client (or having the client take an  idea and in turn give it to the competition). Many in the printing industry play it safe by giving the client only what they asked for, even though there may be a better, more cost effective way to do a job. AMPS  has made a conscious decision to take those risks and make suggestions where they can with the goal to provide greater success, or provide greater value for their (and ours) client’s projects.

They are Highly Educated: Our clients might not know much about the printing, mailing, and cross media. AMPS provides as much education as their client’s feel they need. They understand the risk of a client using that knowledge somewhere else, but honestly, their desire is to make sure that the job has the highest possibility of success and that they are completely satisfied.

They pay close attention to detail: We manage complex and ongoing projects as well as anyone in the business. AMPS allows us to analyze all the aspects of a job and help our clients save money and time.

AMPS gets the commitment necessary to be “partners” with their  clients very seriously: AMPS treats their clients and their jobs as how they would want to be treated. They behave as if they have a vested interest in seeing customers succeed. And they are unafraid to take risks and look for ways to make projects efficient and cost effective as possible.

AMPS goes out of their way to try to meet our expectations: The best way to illustrate what we mean by this is provide one example. Matching colors is one of the hardest things for a printer to do because color can look different depending on how it is created and the material it is printed on. You are also dealing with something that is in the client’s mind and something that is very difficult to visualize (ever see that Lowe’s commercial with the woman choosing the purple paint).

Once AMPS printed what we believed the customer was asking for, only to learn the finished piece was not what they had in mind. When color is a major issue, AMPS has sent in teams to educate how color works in printing and provided samples (at their expense) on different papers so a proper match the color for the different materials could be achieved. In one instance a client kept telling us to print PMS 282 and could not understand why the pieces did not look right. After introducing the client to AMPS they found out that the color they had in mind was not PMS 282 at all, and were able to set a standard for three different PMS colors driven by the materials being  printing on.

They are creative in their approach: One of the mottos at AMPS is that “the impossible just takes a little longer”. They take on projects that other companies could not figure out how to do in the turnaround time our client needed. It might take several weeks and different attempts to get it right, but we count on AMPS to satisfy the needs of the client in the end.

They provide tremendous “value”: Their pricing is all inclusive. They never  have any hidden charges in their pricing. In addition, their systems are designed to make sure that the job is at the highest level of quality possible.

One example is when we send multiple data files from a client for a mailing; AMPS automatically dedupes them (and at no additional cost to the client). This often saves the client a great deal in their postage and labor spend, plus the prospects of our clients do not get annoyed by receiving multiple pieces.


“At the end of every day our employees, from designer to cutter to stuffer, has a laser-like focus on delivering the best outcome for each and every customer. It doesn’t matter if it is 500 business cards or a 50,000 die cut four-part direct mail piece on a deadline.” – Chris Halligan, Associated Mailing & Printing President
My company is Zen Marketing and my entire team, and much of our companies growth, is directly related to the contributions of Associated Mailing & Printing. – John Hyman

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