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Another Way AMPS Delivers Great Results

AMPS delivers great results. The difference between our approach to printing your direct mail campaign and traditional printing is the personalization that is involved.

With our approach to personalization your company better connects to its customers. Through the use of variable printing we can provide your direct mail piece much more than a merged name or address.

A fews ago being able to insert a specific name was quite effective and somewhat personal for its time. No more mailing labels were necessary and letters could be more targeted. However today AMPS can personalization to a whole new level, reflecting what the customer really values. But for variable printing is to be used effectively the data to support it must be deeper and more conclusive.

For example, a customer who enjoys going to the theatre may receive an invitation using variable printing, which allows for an image of a Performance Playbill. The mailpiece is effective because the customer is more likely to read what it contains because the affinity is obvious to him/her. An example of an ineffective piece would be to mail an invitation to the same customer with an image of a sports or musical performer. If the customer has no interest in sports or music, then he or she may or may not pay attention to the postcard.

If the target audience  sees the relevance to them the mailpiece will get read. Personalization achieves this, allowing a company directly communicate and potentially start a relationship with prospective customers. Variable printing can also serve to enhance a relationship with existing customers as well. As prospects are converted to a customers they can then be further converted to loyal customers. That is crucial for companies who want to reduce their future spend and to cultivate referrals.

Thus, a company who ultimately wants to build a following loyal customers can reply on AMPS and our approach to variable printing to help identify and isolate these specific customers, and begin the relationship.

It is also important to note that in side by side comparisons variable printing results in improved response rates and faster response times that traditional mailing tactics. Because personalization catches the attention of the target audience, the response rate of a mail campaign increases. Personalization also increases the response time, because the mailed piece has a more significant impact on the reader, triggering a “buy”. Even the best looking piece, when created using a conventional manner, may be put down and forgotten until a later time, taking weeks before a response is received, if they respond at all.

AMPS Delivers Great Results. Invite an AMPS consultant to speak with you about how to use variable printing to dramatically improve the results of your next direct mail campaign.

Infographic of 4 reasons why AMPS drives great results for our clients.

Quality data, aligned with your target audience, professionally designed and printed and/or packaged is why so many companies in the Northeast come to Associated Mailing and Printing.