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The Perfect Balance The Perfect Balance AMPS provides the perfect blend of data, printing and packaging expertise. Insure Your Message Gets read Direct mail campaigns still hold a significant edge over digital channels according to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 Response Rate Report. Insure Your Message Gets read
Complete Print & Mailing Integration Complete Print & Mailing Integration Print mail campaigns that are both measurable and effective.
The Latest Technologies in Printing Combining full color offset or digital technologies with variable printing capabilities allows us to provide you with a level of customization that will wow your audience and grow your revenue! The Latest Technologies in Printing
Enhance Your Identity Enhance Your Identity Associated Mailing & Printing are experts at designing and producing your entire business identity package.
Experience and Processes AMPS has the talent, experience and the processes to insure your next campaign exceeds your expectation. Click to learn more. Experience and Processes

Why do marketing managers, advertising agencies, nonprofit organizations, privately owned companies… even printing companies… rely on Associated Mailing & Printing?

The mission at AMPS is to help corporate marketing departments achieve their goals through improved execution and leveraging new technologies and processes. We offer the perfect blend of data, printing, packaging and mailing services and have enjoyed successful, long standing partnerships within key industries including:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers,A word cloud representing our standards
  • Professional Services,
  • Medical  Devices,
  • Financial Services and Banking,
  • Marketing Agencies and Business Consultants,
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Consumer Services Companies
  • Retail enterprises
  • Advertising Agencies, and
  • Printing Companies.

Since the beginning of time corporations and privately owned businesses have been seeking the holy grail to consistently sustainable revenue growth. The answer is and always has been through enhanced marketing. But with the advent of the digital age marketers have many new and diverse choices to help drive awareness and new customer development.

Our expertise in data and printing combined with today’s technology have made AMPS one of the fastest growing providers for enhanced marketing solutions.

Today’s decision makers are savvy and have access to information like never before. The tactics for getting your message out are more numerous but the opportunity to have your message read and understood is more challenging. The solution for many of our clients is leveraging our unique approach to Cross Channel Marketing combined with other tactics, which are explained throughout the website.


Why Cross Channel Marketing?

Cross-channel marketing is a strategy that takes the new consumer behavior into account. The idea is to market to your leads not only multiple ways, but through multiple and connected channels. The choices are many; let us help you decide which is best for your business.

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Direct Mail on a Whole New Level

Are your direct mail initiatives falling short of expectation? Perhaps it’s not the tactic but the execution. Our approach to data and discovery is fresh and our printing innovative. We drive results while reducing your overall spend which makes your CFO very happy.

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Do You Use Personalized URL’s?

Your customers are more likely to pay attention to messages that speak to them personally. Our approach to personalized URLs deliver that and a lot more. Using PURLs as a marketing tool can help make every message more relevant to your target audience. PURLs create feedback that benefits marketers and customers alike. Associated Mailing & Printing helps clients approach behavioral targeting both online and in the mailstream.

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